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Dolphins are marine animals and are closely related to whales.There are 33 species all around the world.external image ujMWdrDCwPRRfk_8ngdAMHbmHtKs9EXhZnuC5I4_gG099A0hjHo4AQvqRO3CjbgcccEn7iiRAEvfaKxx8UxglxHXI3XuUOpZRV-Rgrl3oicgXXLKAbk

Caption:Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.This picture is made by Cassandra Evangelista.
This is copyright.

Where they live

Dolphins live in the sea and ocean.Many dolphins live in the oceans of Australia.A group of dolphins are named pods.Most dolphins live in pods because they are so social.

What they eat

Dolphins eat a lot in day which causes them to gain 5% weight.Dolphins eat squid,fish and octopus. They swallow a whole piece of food.They also digest food in their stomachs like we do.


Dolphins are grey and have a black eye.They have a blowhole like whales.They have two fins.The top fin is named the Dorsal fin.The bottom fin is named the Pectoral fin.They also have teeth like we do.


Dolphins are believed to be the world’s most intelligent animal.

Dolphins can leap above the water surface and perform figures.Scientists are not sure about the purpose of this behavior but they think it may be to communicate with other dolphins to join a hunt or do it for fun.Play is very important for dolphins.They often can be found playing with sea
weed or play-fighting with other dolphins.They have even be seen hurting other creatures like turtles and seabirds.They are also famous for protecting swimmers by swimming around circles around the swimmer to protect them from sharks.

Dolphins are special to the world and people should take care of them.


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Tuesday 26th June

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Monday 16th July

I'm sorry I have not updated for a long time.It's the last day of the holidays.The good news is that it's my birthday tomorrow.I'm so excited that i'm going to start hopping all over the place.The bad news is that I don't have much playtime.Anyway,I have to stay
positive.Today we will have more questions than usual.I love asking questions.Its like meeting other people.Today's question is:What is your favourite topic?Why do you like it?If you give me a good topic and reason I will write about it.Credit will go to you and I will make a edited photo for you.I'm doing this until next week.