Homework 28/02/13:
1. Write down the Title of the Book.
2. Read the first chapter only.
3. In your own words write what it is about.
4. Three main important points about the chapter.
5. Who is the main character in this Chapter?

1. The Secret Seven
2. First Chapter - Susie Is The Most Annoying
3. About this person called susie. and bening annoying to her freind. She was being annoying beacuse she was sneaking in to her freinds meeting. She was black mailing him.
4. 1. Susie stole her freinds password. 2. Spreading Peter's password out to everyone. 3. Had a meeting peter and his group changed there password.
5. The main character is Peter.

homework 17/04/2013

1.Beast Quest.
2.First Chapter-a Hero's return