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Friends Glitter Graphics -

Friends Glitter Graphics -


We guys all have besties(best friends) right?Here are some rules for have besties:

bestie do.jpg
Are always honest.
Keep each others deepest and darkest secrets.
Remember each others birthday.
Stand up for each other.
Are always there for each other.
Listen and give good advice(help).
Spend lots of time with each other.
Forgive each other.

best ddont.jpg


Don't talk about their besties behind their back.(This is the fastest way to end a friendship.)
Don't tell anyone about their besties most embarrassing moments or secrets(even if you have a fight).
Don't involve close friends in a fight with your bestie.
Don't leave their bestie out or dump them for new friends.
Don't break promises.
Are not selfish.
Don't call each other mean names.
Don't ignore each other(if you had a fight,talk about it)
fave besties.jpg
I'll be doing different poems:)

Nothing but fun
Very funky
You are cool


All friends

Really nice
I like you ( as a friend)
Easy to talk to
Nothing but fun
Does really cool things