coollogo_com-164201128.pngand welcome to my wiki page

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coollogo_com-19703178.pngeach year chickens lay 4

00 billion eggs
Copy_of_textspace_1329455473_a952fba8.gifashton.jpgthat is m

y weemee I made him like that because he looks good wih the nice hair do



i will put lots of stuff on here from Ashton.hi i have got some facts here. here is one

coollogo_com-86454015.pngthe hardest tounge twister in the worldis the six sick sheiks are sick.

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this is my wordle.
awesome,skate boarder,book lover, handsome,great at maths,sporty,really likes cricket,awesome at school,likes reading,best at dominoes,likes connect 4,awesome at drawing, likes technology.

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